The bad guys have always had a special place in Hollywood movies, as the audience was always fascinated with gangsters. Mafia movies in general and those films depicting Italian gangsters in particular were arguably the most popular. Great directors such as Martin Scorsese have the merit of creating these masterpieces. Having said this, the contribution of famous people who played mobsters shouldn’t be underestimated as these talented actors make the genre truly popular.

Compared to regular action movies that rely on suspense to keep viewers at the edge of their seats, gangster films are more subtle and powerful. The intrigue, the complexity of the action and the powerful characters around which the screenplay is built makes them truly special. That’s why the directors are in dire need of amazing actors, who can bring complex characters to life. Since this kind of talent is hard to find, it is hardly a coincidence that the same actors are frequently chosen to the pick gangsters.

The Gangster Appeal Transcends Genres                                                          

The fascination with gangsters goes beyond television and other forms of entertainment focus on these tough guys. The online gambling industry for example frequently comes up with games centred on Mafia characters. Spinning the reels of slot machines that also have a story and playing games that focus on complex characters is more entertaining. The animations, the sounds and the occasional cut-scenes allow people to play like the godfathers and empower both casual and savvy players.

Ultimately, it is the winning combinations and the promise of winning significant amounts that bring people back for more. As far as players are concerned, a slot machine is only as good as its payouts, so this is the determining factor. However, when they get to choose between regular slots and the finest gangster themed games, the decision is not that difficult. Mafia movies and the slot machines inspired by them have gained a lot of much traction over the last couple of years and they are here to stay.

The Actors That Made Gangster Movies Famous

141_James-GandolfiniWithout the likes of Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Humphrey Bogart, James Gandolfini, Michael Madsen and Joe Pesci among others, gangster movies would lose much of their appeal. These amazing actors have turned a niche of movies into a phenomenon and their presence on the big screen is a recipe for success. Martin Scorsese and other directors famous for their uncanny ability to produce masterpieces developed a special relationship with these guys.

Having them in the cast greatly increases the odds of the movie being a success and these great actors don’t fear the danger of being typecast. In fact, the best of them have embraced the characters and brought them to live in the most convincing fashion possible. The list of IMDB’s top 10 gangster actors does a fine job at acknowledging the contribution of these gifted individuals.

However, there are several other actors of extraordinary magnitude who are a pleasure to watch on the big screen. The best part about gangster movies is that they are timeless and keep exercising the same fascination upon the audience many years after their release. The only thing that fans of the genre fear is that the Golden Age of gangster movies might be behind us. These amazing actors are getting old and many people rightfully fear that replacing them could be simply impossible.