Awards Season Calendar 2016-2017

Name of AwardsNomsAwardsBest Picture
(or equivalent award)
Most Wins
Cannes Film FestivalNAVIEW WINNERSI, Daniel BlakeForushande (2)
Venice Film FestivalNAVIEW WINNERSThe Woman Who LeftN/A
Toronto Film FestivalNAVIEW WINNERSLa La LandN/A
Nollywood and African Film Critics AwardsVIEW NOMINEES19th November, 2016
Gotham Awards20th October, 201628th November, 2016
National Board of Reviewtbc29th November, 2016
British Independent Film Awards3rd November 20164th December, 2016
Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Associationtbc5th December, 2016
Boston Society of Film Criticstbc11th December, 2016
New York Film Critics Onlinetbc11th December, 2016
Critics Choice Awards1st December, 201611th December, 2016
Chicago Film Critics Association12th December, 201614th December, 2016
American Film Institutetbc15th December, 2016
Indiana Film Journalists Associationtbc19th December, 2016
North Carolina Film Critics Association26th December, 20162nd January, 2017
Central Ohio Film Critics Association1st January, 20175th January, 2017
Golden Globes12th December, 20168th January, 2017
Denver Film Critics Society9th January, 201716th January, 2017
Casting Society of America - Artios Awards2nd January, 201719th January, 2017
Eddie Awards3rd January, 201727th January, 2017
Producers Guild10th January, 201728th January, 2017
Screen Actors Guild14th December, 201629th January, 2017
Directors Guild12th January, 20174th February, 2017
Annie Awards1st December, 20164th February, 2017
Visual Effects Society Awards10th January, 20177th February, 2017
Art Directors Guild5th January, 201711th February, 2017
Writers Guild4th January, 201711th February, 2017
BAFTAs10th January, 201712th February, 2017
Berlin Film FestivalNA18th February, 2017
Independent Spirit Awards22nd November, 201625th February, 2017
Razzie Awards23rd January, 201725th February, 2017
Academy Awards24th January, 201726th February, 2017
National Society of Film CriticsNAtbc
Costume Designers Guildtbctbc
Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guildtbctbc
London Film Critics Circle20th December, 2016tbc
Austin Film Critics Associationtbctbc
Black Film Critics Circletbctbc
Dallas Fort-Worth Film Critics Associationtbctbc
Detroit Film Critics Societytbctbc
Florida Film Critics Circletbctbc
Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Associationtbctbc
Georgia Film Critics Associationtbctbc
Iowa Film Criticstbctbc
Las Vegas Film Critics Societytbctbc
Los Angeles Film Critics Associationtbctbc
Maverick Movie Awardstbctbc
New York Film Critics Circletbctbc
North Texas Film Critics Associationtbctbc
Political Film Societytbctbc
San Diego Film Critics Societytbctbc
San Francisco Film Critics Circletbctbc
Seattle Film Criticstbctbc
St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Associationtbctbc
Village Voice Film Polltbctbc
American Society of Cinematographerstbctbc
Cinema Audio Societytbctbc
Motion Picture Sound Editorstbctbc
Publicists Guild of Americatbctbc