Thank you so much to the Academy. Thank you to my very, very good friend, Damien. I’m so glad I met you. Thank you to Marc Platt, Jordan Horowitz, Fred Berger. Thank you to everybody at Lionsgate. Thank you to all the L.A. musicians who played on this score. I just put notes on the page, and they’re the ones who made it beautiful and sound the way it does. If I start going through names, I could make at most 20 to 30 people happy, but I’ll make about a hundred, a couple hundred million people really bored. So I’ll just leave it at everybody whose work is onscreen in any way in this movie. I was looking at your work when I was scoring the picture. I was looking at what you did when I was scoring the picture, and that’s what inspired me. So thank you to everybody who worked on this movie. Thank you.