Do you want to talk?

Thank you so very…I want to talk. I have to talk, I waited for 50 years to talk, probably a little bit more. So, by the way, thank you Academy for make this all possible. Academy is not support, is not just Oscars, is everything, support the movie, support beautiful people. Of course thank you very much to my great team. Thank you to Marta, thank you of course my lovely wife, Giovanna, who support me all my life and my son [unintelligible]. What can I say? Thank you very much. And the last thing, I’m an immigrant. I come from Italy. I work around the world and this is for all the immigrants, for the immigrants.

Thank you everybody. Thank you, David Ayer. Thank you, Greg Nicotero, KNB, Sean Sansom, everybody. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much to all of you. I’m so happy for this one and I want to dedicate this one to my wife, she pass away, she cannot be with me now. Thank you so much to everybody. And to David Ayer.