With the gambling industry becoming more developed and outstanding, lots of people worldwide get interested in it. Some prefer land based gambling houses with a luxurious environment, whereas others tend to stay in a homely atmosphere and play in the online casinos. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of games full of fun and excitement.

Since millions of people across the globe are keen fans of casinos, the movie-making industry is releasing films about casinos on a regular basis. They can be watched basically everywhere, starting from cinemas and finishing with leading subscription services/networks such as, for instance, Netflix.

Here are the 5 most prolific casino movies you can easily find on Netflix,

Runner Runner

If you like tension, a bit of stress, and anticipation, then “Runner Runner” is exactly what you have to watch. Apart from a great plot, the movie also boasts such great actors as Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake who investigate a massive empire of poker websites and online casinos. The film has got nice feedback due to great acting as well as the script that was inspired by the real experience of gamblers who proved the cheating thanks to statistical analysis.


“Rounders” is a classic movie about poker. It stars such famous actors as Ed Norton, Matt Damon, and John Malkovich. The main events are happening in New York clubs where professional poker players compete with each other. There are certain rules and special bets. Here one can lose it all or win so much that it will be enough for the rest of the life. Mike (Matt Damon) has a great sense of gambling along with knowledge and skills but he is in a huge debt to a Russian mob boss. That’s why he has no choice but to risk and play a “dirty” game.


Casino is an action movie with such celebrities as Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. De Niro and Pesci go to the Sin City, Las Vegas, to manage a casino. The movie demonstrates dozens of games and slots that are usually played in traditional gambling houses. With Jackpot Mobile Casino however, now you can play all these games online. Additionally, the director shows not only the outside but the detailed inner workings of a casino too.

Owning Mahowny

This movie will be especially interesting for those who are fighting or have already fought the gambling addiction. It is a story about Dan Mahowny whose job is to supervise large bank accounts. But due to the fact that he is a casino addict, he steals large amounts of money and goes to Atlantic City to gamble. The main character’s personality is amazing which makes the movie even more exciting.

Ocean’s Thirteen

This particular movie has gathered all famous actors including Al Pacino, George Clooney, and many others. This is the final episode of the Ocean’s series where the friends gather again to avenge Reuben Tishkoff. The film is exciting, breath-taking, and fun.

Casino movies are always thrilling and exciting even for those who do not have a hobby of gambling. They may, in fact, inspire you to try this sort of activity and conquer new heights. Enjoy!