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10 Movies Based On Video Games To Look Out For In 2017



10 Movies Based on Video Games to Look out for in 2017

It is a well-known fact that there are millions of gamblers all over the world. Some of them tend to play in online casinos, such as, for instance,, with variable features, options and functions. Whereas others are great fans of video games.

But what about movies based on video games? Are they really worth watching? Of course, not everyone likes this particular movie genre, but there are those, who are really crazy about it. In simple words, if you have some spare time then it can be used for both hobbies: playing with bonuses at and watching the top 10 films of 2017.

lastknightTransformers: The Last Knight

Optimus Prime can’t defend the Earth alone anymore, which faces a global danger. All the forces are aimed at finding associates, who will help to save the world from destruction. Meanwhile, Galvatron has almost set everything for the building of a space bridge that will assist cosmic evil to come, and for avoiding it people are building new Transformers for protection.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

This year they are releasing 2 franchises about Peter Parker. New York can sleep peacefully, since Spider-Man is coming back home. A superhero is a diligent student, kind and helpful guy – it will be very hard for him to find the balance in his own life as well as save the city from inventive evil-doers.

Thor: Ragnarök

Thor is coming back in Asgard tracing the reaver of the Infinity Gems. Odin’s son finds out that Loki has seized the throne and his reign has led to Ragnarök – the last battle between gods and beasts, the result of which might be the death of all 9 worlds. Hulk helps Thor in a fight with Surtur. The epic fight is planned for autumn.

Justice League

Humanity is on the threshold of a new disaster. Understanding that they can’t cope alone, Batman and Wonder Woman decide to create a group to fight the world evil. Thinking of peace on the Earth, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg are ready to save the world.

Star Wars: Episode VIII

The storyline of this part of a space saga is a logical continuation of the previous – Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens. Following a hologram, Rey finds Luke and gives him his father’s sword. They say that even Obi Wan might be there.

lego_movies_a_lThe Lego Batman Movie

Success of “The Lego Movie” inspired the studio to release a few more films. The first one to be released is about Batman – the same hero from “The Lego Movie”.

assassins-creed-film-header-1280jpg-685176_1280wAssassin’s Creed

Fans of video games “Assassin’s Creed” will definitely enjoy watching the movie based on it. In the center of the action is an ordinary guy, Callum Lynch, who gets unbelievable skills and knowledge from forefathers using which he can fight with Templars in real time.


The movie is based on a video-game “Tetris” and is going to be released this year. It is a Chinese-American production that is classified as “epic sci-fi thriller”.

T2: Trainspotting

It is a norm now to continue the movies that were shot long time ago. Nevertheless, it will be nice to watch such great actors as Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Sixth and the final franchise movie that will definitely need to be watched in cinemas.



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10 Horse Racing Movies ‘Inspired by True Events’



Regarded as one of the beautiful animals around, horses have been an inspiration for movies from day one. Over the years, there have been several horse racing-themed movies, which have captured the imagination of the viewers. Most of these movies. were based on real events. By the way, here are the top betting tips online at OddsDigger that will surely help you next time you wager your hard earned money. For now, here are the top horse racing inspired movies. Will they offer your inspiration? Let’s find out.

Champions (1984) – This movie was based on the story of Grand National winning jockey Bob Champion. Despite being diagnosed to suffer from testicular cancer at just 31, he managed to make a miraculous recovery. More importantly, he went on to win the 1981 Grand National – regarded as one of the greatest horse racing events in the world – on top of Aldaniti. Champion is played by John Hurt.


Seabiscuit (2003) – Jeff Bridges and Toby Maguire are featured in this film which tells the story of an underdog managing to win a horse racing event against all odds. Despite being the biggest horse to take part in the event and riding with a scrappy jockey, Seabiscuit managed to defeat Triple Crown winner War Admiral and defeat the odds. Set in a time when the United States went through a depression, this movie captured the country’s spirits in an extraordinary way.

Hidalgo (2004) – Viggo Mortensen, who plays the role of Frank Hopkins, rides for glory in the ‘Ocean of Fire’ race – a 3000-mile colossus across the Arabian desert – after an invitation from a wealthy sheik. Set in the 1890s, this movie follows the story of a remarkable horse named Hidalgo, who managed to prove Hopkins was indeed one of the greatest long-distance riders.

Dreamer (2005) – Dakota Fanning plays a young girl who rescues a race horse, which was close to being sacrificed by a former owner after having its leg broken, and helps it through rehabilitation. The plot of the movie is about finding whether the ageing race horse would make a return to its former stamping ground – a racecourse. The movie also stars Elisabeth Shue and Kurt Russell.


Secretariat (2010) – Character Penny Chenery Tweedy, played by Diane Lane, manages to the services of veteran trainer Lucien Laurin in order to take control of her father’s racing stable. Despite a lack of knowledge in a male dominated business, Tweedy manages to be the fulcrum of the story as she manages to produce the winner of a Triple Crown for the first time in 25 years.

Ruffian (2007) – A look at thoroughbred filly, Ruffian, who managed to win 10 consecutive races in its lifetime. This movie shows the life of a horse which dominated the horse racing scenario during the early 1970s. Despite being a filly, Ruffian did not manage to allow the topic of sex coming into the track. Trainer Frank Whiteley is being represented by Sam Shepard. This was a movie made for the TVs.

Shergar (1999) – A movie about the Irish-bred and British-trained horse, it is based on the true story which saw the horse stolen by masked gunmen – suspected to be of the Provisional Irish Republican Army – while it was in possession of the Ballymany Stud. Incredibly, Shergar was never to be seen or heard about again. Over the years, this incredible story has been the basis for several documentaries and books, aside from this film.

Phar Lap (1983) – This movie is about Phar Lap, a New Zealand-bred race horse, which was the talk of the Australian racing scenario from the late 1920s to the early 1930s. Despite making an inauspicious start, Phar Lap went on to have such a successful career in racing that he ended up becoming a target for gambling related interests.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991) – Set during the time of the great depression in Atlantic City, this story follows that of Sonora Webster, who is one of the world’s first female horse divers. The movie is about love and the horse racing in equal measure. Webster being thrust into the limelight just like star rider Marie’s injury and the events that followed make this a great movie indeed.

Miracle of the White Stallions (1963) – A story about the Lipizzaner Stallion and the amazing work done in order to prevent the destruction of the Spanish Riding School and many other important monuments during the World War II. Col. Alois Podhajsky, played by Robert Taylor, was required to step in and solve the squabbling, but he also manages to find a way to get those stallions performing at their best.

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How Film Festivals Decide Which Movies to Accept



Submitting to film festivals is a real torture. If you’re an indie producer looking to display your storytelling ideas to indie fans alike, you should probably think of entering your productions in a festival. Good movies are a crowd puller but great indie flicks make memories. Cameras are perhaps the best way to make lasting impressions in the minds of many people.

Indie (the use of the ‘indie’ genre is merely an example) films, short stories, and documentaries have been known for pushing the envelope when it comes to amazing angle shots and overall use of lighting and effects. Herein you will get to know more about the film fest do’s and don’ts as far as submissions go and what might be expected from you as a filmmaker.


Source: (Free Image)

Movies fests tend to have a theme probably based on tradition, and inadequate research on this might end up in your production being rubbished if it doesn’t meet the criteria. So, before submitting your content for short listing in a film festival, make sure you have your facts straight. Every producer has their way of getting their ideas across, but unfortunately, the liberality of the screening process might not be ready for tastes that might seem unpalatable to the festival organizers.

For instance, the EQUUS Film Festivals is purely for entries paying homage to steeds, such as those that compete in various racing events including UK’s Cheltenham Festivals where punters win huge stakes betting on horse races (to read more on horse race betting, go to; so, if you submit anything that doesn’t involve horses to the EQUUS panel, trust us, it won’t be accepted.

Your Movie Probably Isn’t That Great

Upon submission of your edited material, it would be of the essence that you keep an open mind about it because bottom-line: your feature might just be rejected. One of the reasons for such turn down is that your movie failed to impress the panel. There can be many reasons for this and maybe, just maybe one of the reasons is that your movie isn’t that good (?).

It can make a definitive dent on your ego seeing that you invested your time and money into this thing just to have it thrown out of the festival. Hey, it happens to the best of them, and if it’s any consolation, your work might just be ‘ahead of its time’ so you shouldn’t give up just yet.
Source:ôte-d---azur-lake-promenade-1436097/ (Free Image)

If You’re a Diva

Another reason why films might not get that slot in a film fest is not because the movie is not great but simply because the producers have a bad attitude. In this industry, like in music and the arts in general, where one’s work is a subject of scrutiny by the public, it is necessary to keep a humble attitude and openness to being corrected. This, as opposed to believing you’re always right, might just get a sympathetic judge to refer your work to another festival that is looking for what you have to offer.

Your Film Has to Take a Backseat

This is to be expected. Festival favorites looking to milk it for all it’s worth might just have their films slotted in the headlining spots leaving newbie entries scrambling for the few remaining spots. By this time, festival goers might already be too tired or engaged to pay any attention to your film, which can actually be very frustrating.

The only people that sit through entire screenings back to back are the critics and, knowing them, they tend to be a bit fussy about how they would like their movies to be so no luck here either. Try another festival.

Never Saw The Light of Day


What, with all the submissions flooding in and barely enough time till the deadline and screening dates, some entries might just be swept under the rug and no one will notice them. This is debatable reason, owing to its controversial nature, but still feasible in every respect as well.

Filmmakers should not rule it out as a possibility that their film got rejected. Somebody just might have shot it down because the title wasn’t that catchy or dismissed it entirely due to late submission or because of the well loved universal reason that they were ‘too wired’ to watch it.

In Fights With a Tour Crew

Having your crew, cast, and whatnot with their limbs safely tucked in the vehicle at all times should probably be ensured before making an entry into a festival. This is because many movies, despite being hailed as possible successes fail to be shown because well…the lead actor… wasn’t aware that any of that was going down.

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Three Movie Characters Who Won Big on Slots



The casino theme has been referred to quite a number of times after James Bond’s first introduction to audience back in 1960s. Some 50 years ago, the film directors already had a clear view of things: the plot based around casino and gambling in general offers some great opportunities for the events’ progression. One may focus on the character’s adventure line and enrich it by the whole variety of action scenes like gunfights, pursuits, and simply tense situations. Naturally, today the Hollywood movies about smart gamblers have undergone some formidable changes in the direction of spectacularity. With all featured technological gadgets, endless slot machines and no deposit online casinos, bending luck to one’s will turned to be a piece of cake. And characters finally learnt to win big.

Danny Ocean and friends using magnetron devices

Oceans-11-oceans-eleven-2273326-500-334There was a scene in ‘Ocean’s thirteen’ where Danny’s team made a $500 million hit on the casino within just three minutes time window by means of magnetron devices. The main appliance jammed the three casino security systems and made it possible for the characters to control the slots and table games. The chaos they made and the haul they got was definitely worth all the thorough planning and preparations we watched during the movie. Although, in terms of believability the scene is taken from the realms of fantasy, it really makes one admire the whole episode when the outcome arrives. With this in mind, ‘Ocean’s thirteen’ comes with one of the most exciting casino scenes ever produced.

Joseph-gordon-levitt-in-sin-city-a-dame-to-kill-for-movie-4Johnny from Sin City hitting the jackpot

‘Sin City: a Dame to Kill For’ introduces a new type of character – Johnny, a cocky young gambler. He comes to Kadie’s place and immediately wins on multiple slot machines. There he meets a waitress, Marcie, and takes her as a good luck charm to the poker match. The young man makes a series of wins, thus, cleaning the senator (main antagonist) out. The latter isn’t fond of such outcome and warnes Johnny of the consequences. Despite the fact the young man gets punished badly with all his money taken away, he still returns to the match after another huge winning in slots. That desperate moment nearly makes one applaud when watching the film.

Max Peterson (‘The Echelon Conspiracy’) beating the slot machine

echelon_conspiracy26One day Max Peterson receives an anonymous gift: a phone sending messages that hack the casino machines. Soon enough, he finds himself chased by the killers, CIA, and casino’s security chief.

There is a scene in a movie when Max enters a casino with an earpiece in his ear. A voice in the earpiece tells him to choose the biggest slot machine. As soon as the main character uses the machine, he wins a big sum. Security is watching him on cameras and once Max hits jackpot, the pursuit begins. During the whole film an engaged viewer stays involved and worries deeply about the character.

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